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artists use lies to tell the truth
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11th-Nov-2008 11:09 am - Writer's Block: Titular Heroes
dreamland, Alice
Kurt Vonnegut's books have great titles, like Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse Five. If your life was a novel, what would the title be?
10th-Nov-2008 07:50 pm - Oh hey, guess what
dreamland, Alice
I'm actually going to be alright.

But no, I really don't miss any of you, and I don't think you miss me.

Good day, anyways.
20th-Aug-2008 10:24 am - San Francisco Trip
dreamland, Alice
Will be visiting starting on my birthday, August 29. Traveling with Stefan and maybe Itzel. We're fer sure staying with the Graemecakes and Bij and their stoner room-mate Raul. Friday night I guess we'll hang out in San Francisco, maybe mosey on over to Berkeley. Most likely eat somewhere with hookah. Saturday night we're guest listed to Carnival fuck yeaaaaa.
29th-May-2008 11:07 am(no subject)
dreamland, Alice
What the fuck am I doing?
29th-Mar-2008 11:31 am - YAY!
dreamland, Alice
So, apparently I got really good scores at my adjudication and they want me to play in a recital next Saturday afternoon! If I do well there, I get to play in a STATE WIDE recital. Omg yaaaaay. :D Last night was laaame, but today is amazing. So now I'm going to forget school even more and spend every waking hour practicing. Well, not quite, but most of time. Awesome, something to take my mind off raving ('cause that's all I ever think about).

:] So, this will make all your college acceptances more bearable.
24th-Mar-2008 05:11 pm(no subject)
dreamland, Alice
Who wants to come to a rave with me? $40!
23rd-Mar-2008 10:55 am(no subject)
dreamland, Alice
IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. I'm still feeling amazing. I made 23823482 friends, I couldn't stop complimenting people, and everyone kept saying how cute I was and pretty and I gave and got soo many light shows and traded kandi and heard some awesome artists. And I met a bunch of pretty attractive guys and all these other awesome people. GUH. I loved everyone. I just wish we didnt have to leave at 3 30!

Moar soon. Pictarrs on mah facebook. klajdklajs. Off to a tea party.
20th-Mar-2008 08:32 pm - OH NOS
dreamland, Alice

Here's what all the hullaballoo is about. Mr. Salter's email which addresses Day of Silence (http://dayofsilence.org/).

"Regardless of what their position is or what they feel their sexual orientation is, my responsibility is to protect all of our kids. " What they feel their sexual orientation is?!!! Oh my god. That is so disturbing. In this day and age, if I know I like women, and I'm 100% sure I like women, because I am 17 that must mean I'm too young to know myself still, too young and probably so easily swayed and turned gay by participating in Day of Silence.

I can't respond any more. The realities of Orange County hurt.
20th-Mar-2008 03:33 pm - OH SNAP WHAT NOW
dreamland, Alice
SEE!!!11 I'm not totally psychotic! At least I'm not alone in my psychosis...other people hate Andrew Jackson too! And with oodles of profanity!

"If I had Andrew Jackson in my reach right now, I'd grab him by the throat and squeeze until his cocksucking mouth turned blue and cold. I'd take an icepick to those fishy little eyes. I'd tear out that oh-so-windblown bouffant hair of his and rub salted fire ants into his bleeding skull. And why would I do these things? Because I'm a patriot."


Yea, that's right. Owned.
19th-Mar-2008 02:57 pm - Spring Equinox
dreamland, Alice
Kay guys, who wants to celebrate Ostara with me on Sunday? It will involve new clothing, eggs, games, dancing, and drinking to celebrate the Vernal Equinox. Yay! We should also plant some flowers. And for my Aztec worshiper out there, it's a holiday to honor Coatlicue. Haha. I actually think we should have a tea party. Yup. Comment back, especially to those who always feel left out on Easter. 
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